• Blogodly - on the New Media in the Church

Author: Mateusz Pietrzak

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Polish language book 

The book shows how to fruitfully use new media in the work of evangelization. Its author serves in the Light-Life Movement.

Also e-mails, text messages, social networks, chat rooms can be fully human forms of communication. It is not the technology that determines whether communication is authentic or not, but the human heart and its ability to make good use of the means at its disposal. Social networks can facilitate relationships and promote the well-being of society, but they can also lead to further polarization and division between people and groups. The digital environment is a square, a meeting place where one can express cordiality or inflict wounds, engage in a useful discussion or make a moral lynching. (...) Communication, its venues and its tools have led to expanded horizons for many people. It is a gift from God, as well as a great responsibility. Pope Francis, Message for the 50th Media Day 

Can Facebook and Twitter be a place to proclaim the Gospel?

Would St. Paul the Apostle, living in today's world, have published his letters on a blog?

By liking Catholic profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are we preaching the kerygma?

It is hard to imagine today's world without the Internet. Cyberspace has penetrated every sphere of our lives - it permeates all aspects of life, from science and economics to entertainment. Social networks around the world have billions of users, regardless of their skin color, race, nationality, views or material resources. The book "Blogoboyni, or about new media in the Church" shows how to use new media fruitfully in the work of evangelization. It explains what a great gift of God the Internet media are. He realizes that they are one of the best modern pulpits through which to proclaim the Word of God to the whole world.

Mateusz Pietrzak - lay catechist, doctoral student in theology at UPJP2 in Cracow. He is interested in the theology of media. Author of the work "Facebook and Twitter in the service of evangelization" and the book "God's company". Participant of scientific conferences related to contemporary theology. He serves in the Light-Life Movement. Lover of mountain expeditions.