• God likes those who fight. On manhood, vocation and the power of prayer (PL)

Franciszek Kucharczak book in polish

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ISBN 978-83-7482-716-4

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The editor of "The Sunday Visitor" talks about his faith, vocation and the revelation of God's power in his life.

The editor of "The Sunday Visitor" and author of the cult columns talks about his faith, vocation and experiences of God's guidance and manifestation of His power in his life. He shows what it means to be a man in the light of faith and what role struggle and prayer play in it. He argues that giving one's life to Jesus is the best investment a reasonably thinking man can make. In the book God likes those who fight you will read, among other things:

  • How the author discovered he was a scoundrel
  • for which he was expelled from the altar boys
  • how joy fell upon him on a certain Sunday afternoon
  • how God spoiled him
  • what insurance policy his mother gave her children
  • about the declarations at the Chapel of the Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki
  • how God gives us our daily bread
  • whether a man should be a warrior
  • why a Christian can't steal anything
  • about inner and outer healings
  • how God multiplies time
  • how a man's faith and a woman's faith differ
  • why man cannot afford to be neutral in the spiritual sphere
  • what is the only weapon of the devil
  • why money is important for a Christian
  • what cabbage has to do with taking care of one's own soul
  • why every Christian should defend himself against clericalization
  • what is most important in sex
  • why to be a man is first and foremost to be a father
  • whether Poles are a chosen people
  • about the electrifying effects of a Pauline prayer
  • what to do not to be afraid.

Franciszek Kucharczak - is the editor of "Gościa Niedzielny", author of popular columns that appear in the pages of this weekly, editor-in-chief of gosc.pl, leader of the Community of Merciful Jesus in Rybnik, and above all husband of Joanna and father of Michał and Jacek.

Format 140 x 200
Number of pages 172