• Sweet lies. 24 hours a day

Ks. Rafał Jarosiewicz; Marcin Jakimowicz

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ISBN 9788374827768

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Polish language book 

Excellent, immersed in experience help to discover the One who will never deceive you.

We want to expose the "stitches" of the father of lies that we have recognized. Why should you experience pain that can be bypassed? Why land up to your ears in a swamp of doubt? Why expose yourself to severe beatings? Why load yourself into a zone marked "Danger"? /fragment of introduction/. 

Every day, twenty-four hours a day, the evil spirit slips you sweet lies that have one purpose - to destroy your relationship with God. However, knowing his tricks, you can defend yourself against them. This is what this book is designed to do. It is written in very light language, but talks about super important issues. The authors deal with difficult questions, problems and dilemmas in our journey towards God in an unconventional way. Their reflections are an excellent, immersed in experience help in discovering the One who will never cheat you.

Fr. Rafal Jarosiewicz is a retreatist, author of books, music and texts, director of the School of New Evangelization of the Diocese of Koszalin-Kolobrzeg. He gave birth to the portals www.pozytywnego.pl and smsznieba.pl.

Marcin Jakimowicz is a journalist, editor of "Gościa Niedzielny", leader of a prayer community, author of many books, including the cult books "Radicals" and the recently published "Long Live Weakness".