• The Art of Discernment. A spiritual compass for every day of life (PL)

O. Emiliano Antenucci book in polish

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A compass for sailing through life in the midst of small and big decisions.

Emiliano Antenucci's latest book is a must for all those who want to live more consciously and wisely. For those who, among the many possibilities, want to choose the best one - coming to God. The author, citing inspiring quotes, excerpts from stories and poems, the writings of the Church Fathers and the works of modern thinkers, suggests how to make decisions that are truly free and responsible, in order to make the best use of one's own talents and abilities.

The Art of Discernment is a unique invitation to travel deep within yourself. It is a fascinating story about building meaning, finding tradition, and the power of prayer. It is also the best guide to living in times when the question of how to live is still difficult to find a good answer.

  • What is the art of interpretation?
  • Why should young people make merry?
  • When should one be silent? How to distinguish between the spirits of the devil and the spirits of God?
  • What words should be used to pray?
  • What is the dolphin syndrome?
  • Why should one learn to forgive?
  • What is fraternal admonition?
  • How to recognize a vocation?
  • What should young spouses know?
  • What gifts does God send?
  • When is it necessary to be submissive?
  • What is the grace of mercy?
  •  ...and everything worth knowing about discernment.


O. Emiliano Antenucci - a priest of the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor. He is engaged in the pastoral care of young people. His passions are mysticism and spirituality. He was appointed by Pope Francis as a Missionary of Mercy for an indefinite period on the occasion of the Extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy.

Format 140 x 200
Number of pages 216