• The Other Side of Beauty

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ISBN 978-83-66061-57-6

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Book in Polish

"I'm ashamed of how I look, I don't like myself"

"No one will love me, I'm not good enough"

"No one likes me" 

How often do these thoughts come to your mind? Do you constantly compare yourself to others and feel that you compare poorly? Are you constantly looking for confirmation of your worth in other people's - especially men's - stares? 

LEAH DARROW, former model and contestant on America's Next Top Model, knows these questions well. For years, she made her self-esteem dependent on the opinions of others. For stylists she was just a "hanger-on", for cosmetics companies - a client, for a boyfriend - an episode, for friends - a useful contact... However, her life has changed by one hundred and eighty degrees. 

Discover your true beauty. God really doesn't want to correct us in Photoshop.

Translation: Sonia Blank 

Format: 130x200 mm

Pages: 240

Publication Date: 2019-01-25 

Binding: booklet with wings

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